Rinnai Heater vs Combustible Heater, Installation, Maintenance and Care of Hybrid Gas Heaters

Rinnai Heater for Homes
Rinnai Hybrid Heater

If you want to buy a Rinnai Hybrid Heater Hybrid and are confused about:-

  • What capacity Hybrid Heater to buy
  • What are safety requirements of Hybrid Heater
  • How to install a Hybrid Heater
  • How to troubleshoot various errors on Hybrid Heater
  • How to carryout regular maintenance of Hybrid Heater

After reading this blog, you will understand all above and make perfect decision, which suits your requirement.

Table of Contents

  • Difference between Hybrid Heater and other heaters
  • Recommended capacity/size of Hybrid Heater vis a vis room size
  • Installation
  • Care and maintenance
  • Error Codes
  • FAQs

What is a Hybrid Heater and how it is different from other combustible heaters?

  • Hybrid heater works on electricity as well as on gas. Its blower / fan uses very less electricity (Max 30 Watts) and burner uses gas for heat. Combined effect of fan and burner reduces consumption of both electricity and gas. Smaller heaters can even work on UPS and less gas pressure thereby no worries of low gas pressure or failure of electricity.
  • Combustible and Electric heater consume too much fuel e.g 5 kWh hybrid heater produces more heat than 3 x 2KWh electric heaters combined.

Kerosene Oil Rinnai Heater

    Kerosene Oil Hybrid Heater
  • These are available for Sui Gas (Natural Gas), LPG and even for Kerosene Oil for those areas where both gases are not available.
  • Available in different metallic colors to suit your home decor combination.
Metallic Color Rinaai Heaters
Metallic Color Rinnai Hybrid Heater Heater

Advantages of Hybrid Heater vs Combustible / Ceramic Heater

  • Portable so you can point them in different directions, move them from room to room, store them away in summer and take them with you when you move house.
  • Energy Efficient“ about 90% of the energy content of the gas is transformed into heat.
  • Provide Instant Heat“ and more than other heaters. They come with a capacity of up to 25 MJ/h (mega joules per hour). That’s equivalent to more than 6kW of electric heating – the same as you would get from three 2kW electric heaters.
  • Cheaper to run than portable electric heaters, even though they are expensive to buy.
  • Safe: They are equipped with safety feature such as once gas supply is off they switch off and don’t turn on even if gas supply is restored hence no danger of suffocation of room inmates and accidentally blast due to combination of gas leaked any spark. During winter, combustible heaters cause many deaths in Pakistan as they produce Carbon Monoxide, which can suffocate inmates even if gas supply is not cut off. Despite these safety features, still Heaters must be switched off before going to sleep.
  • They are environmental friendly.

What brands are available for Hybrid Heater other then Rinnai and are they equal in quality?

In Pakistan, most used term for hybrid gas heaters is Rinnai, which is a Japanese brand while in reality other Japanese brands like Tokyo Gas, Toho Gas, Osaka and Paloma are also available in same specifications. Japanese hybrid heaters are imported and refurbished being sold at Malomaal.pk.’

Hybrid heaters prices in Pakistan vary greatly and change every year due to various factors like availability and currency exchange rate of dollar.

What size hybrid gas heater should I buy?

  • When you are looking for size then do not go by MJ/h for heaters as it shows input gas requirement for LPG and natural gas not its heating capacity. Heating capacity is defined by two inter-convertible terms kWh and BTU, both represent heat generated by the specific heater. 1kw = 3412 BTU, so if it is 1.7 kWh written on heater then its 5800 BTU.
  • In Pakistani market, maximum vendors or sellers confuse both terms and many describe as 1.7 BTU while it is actually kWh. Therefore, do not go by vocabulary of vendors or sellers check yourself.

Following table is to give you guideline about Room size and heater required.

Room Size Heating Required Recommended Sizes
(ft) kWh BTU Zone-1

(Mountainous, Chitral, Skardu, Gilgit)


(Peshawar, Islamabad, Lahore,)


(Multan and Southern Punjab/ Sindh)

8′  x 10′ 1.00 3412 3.5 kW 1.7 kW 1.7 kW
10′ x 12′ 1.14 3890 3.5 kW 2.4 kW 1.7 kW
12′ x 14′ 1.56 5322 3.5 kW 2.4 kW 2.4 kW
14′ x 16′ 2.08 7100 4 kW 3.5 kW 2.4 kW
18′ x 20′ 3.35 11430 >4-5 kW >4.5kW >3.5 kW


  • For more accurate calculations the size of heater you need is to measure the room volume in cubic metres (length x width x height) and divide by 20 to get the kW rating of the appliance needed.
Room Size for Hybrid Heater Capacity Measurement


  • If there is any heat loss factors you will need to increase the kW rating slightly to compensate. Following contribute to heat loss in a room:-
  • No ceiling or wall insulation
  • No carpets on floors
  • No curtains
  • Window area > 15 m²
  • Ceiling height > 2.4 m²
  • Calculation for heating requirements is based on 1kwh is required for 10m2
  • Calculation is only for guideline hence other factors can also affect like insulation of rooms, type of structure (wooden/cemented).
  • kW is heat produced not energy consumed.

 Explaining tag behind heaters?

  • 12A/13A: are different quality of gases used in Japan. 13A is low quantity but with high yield hence produces more heat while 12A produces less heat. 12A/13A DOES NOT REPRESENT CURRENT DRAINED IN AMPERES.
  • 100 V is operating voltage hence 110 to 220V transformer is used with it. While Power consumption mentioned is 25 W / 26 Watts, which means current drawn is 0.25A at 100V. This makes it ideal candidate for areas where 24 hours electricity is not available and UPS are used, hence it can work on UPS.
Back Tag for Hybrid Heaters Explained


 LED Front Panel Display

Front panels are different for various models and brands but in essence, these are same in functions.

Front Display Panel of Hybrid Heater


Can it work with less gas pressure?

Heaters with 1.7 kWh or less can work on low gas pressure as well but it depends how less is the pressure beyond certain limit even these will not work.

How to install a Hybrid Gas Heater(Rinnai/Osaka/Tokyo Gas) 

Heater’s Location

  • When positioning the heater it must be ensured that there is an open space in front for warm air distribution. Heater must not be installed where curtains or other combustible materials could come into contact with it. In some cases curtains may need restraining.

Gas Supply

  • The gas supply terminates outside the heater on the back of the appliance. Locate the gas supply pipe to suit position as per the heater gas inlet. The gap required between the wall and heater body is between 3 inches to 8 inches.
  • In case heater was on and gas supply stopped or pressure reduced than it will switch off automatically but unlike other heaters even if gas supply is restored, it will not switch on thereby making it safer than other combustible heaters.
  • This gas safety feature ensures there are no accidents due to leakage of gas which may result in suffocation of inmates or fire blast.

Electrical Supply

  • Heater operates on 110 V therefore a 110 V to 220 V transformer is provided with the heater so that it is not damaged. Never use it without transformer / adopter.
  • This heater is not recommended for installations in unusually dusty environments such as hair salons or where there are a large number of pets will cause continual blockage of the fan filter.
  • Power failure If a power failure occurs for at least 0.2 seconds the unit will turn itself off.

Installation Check List

After installation must use following checklist to ensure compliance to standard procedure as recommended by manufacturer: –

  • Heater suitably positioned (front clear, is not near curtains etc).
  • Gas pipe etc installed properly.
  • Power adopter installed.
  • Safety instructions read and understood.

Care and Maintenance of Hybrid Heater

Rinnai Hybrid Heater (or any other hybrid heater) requires regular maintenance and care to work with optimum efficiency.

Care of Rinnai Heaters
Care of Rinnai Heaters


Filter Maintenance

  • Air filter is vital part for a Hybrid Heater  and if it malfunctions then it will not work.
  • Before cleaning any part of the heater ensure it is turned off and has cooled down.
  • All parts of the heater can be cleaned using a soft damp cloth and mild detergent€”do not use solvents.
  • To protect the appliance from dust or lint a filter is located at the rear of the appliance. If the filter becomes blocked the filter indicator will flash to indicate that it should be cleaned.
  • Do not remove the filter when heater is operating.
  • The build up of dust on the filter reduces the air flow through the heater. This reduces the heaters efficiency and can lead to the appliance shutting down.
  • Regular (weekly) filter cleaning during the heating season will stop this from happening.
  • If you do not clean the filter at regular intervals and the ˜Filter  indicator is allowed to remain flashing, the appliance will stop (ON indicator will flash and the display will show error code 14). The filter will need to be cleaned before operating the appliance again.
  • Do not use the heater with the Filters indicator flashing as this may cause the appliance to overheat.


  • Dry dust/lint: Use a duster or vacuum to remove the dust.
  • Oily residue: Wash using a mild detergent, drain off the water, and dry.
  • Ensure the fan filter is fitted back into the appliance after cleaning.

Error codes

  • Every Rinnai Hybrid Heater has built-in technology to continually monitor its own performance. If a fault occurs, an error message will flash on the digital display on the control panel. This assists with diagnosing the fault and may enable you to overcome a problem without a service call.
  • In all cases, you may be able to clear the error by turning the heater off and on again. If the error code remains or returns when the heater is used again, contact Malomaal.pk for assistance. Faults caused by insufficient gas supply, gas quality, installation or operation errors are not covered by our warranty for Rinnai Heater.
Error Code Cause Solution
00 Main power failure Reset heater, press the On/Off button twice,
11 Ignition failure Check the gas supply is turned on, switch heater to standby mode, press the On Button again. If still it gives error then contact for assistance.
12 Incomplete combustion Same as above
14 Filter blockage / overheat Clean filter / filters, if error continues contact customer support for assistance
16 Room overheat It means Room temperature is 40C or above hence it will not switch on
 For all errors other than mentioned above contact suitable electrician or repairing shop

New models may have few different codes therefore must check model number of the heaters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What will happen if accidentally heaters are plugged in 220V?

  • It will be damaged and will require repair at maintenance shop. Rinnai heater warranty does not cover that.

If either Electricity or Natural (Sui) Gas is not available, will Hybrid heater still works?

  • It can still work on UPS and low pressure in some cases but not assured. 1.7 kW heater has been tested on UPS.

What to do if in my area there is no Natural Gas?

  • Any Rinnai hybrid heater can be converted by our specialists to LPG with additional cost, so you can use it with LPG cylinders as well.

Can hybrid heater function on Kerosene Oil?

  • Special Kerosene Oil Heaters are also available if required.

What about warranty if Hybrid Heaters?

  • Rinnai Heaters are checked before dispatch for correctness, however 7 days warranty provided to ensure it is working perfectly for customer to get used to it.

Why warranty for more duration is not provided?

  • These are not brand Rinnai heaters rather refurbished ones. We ensure these are working once delivered. 7 Days warranty covers if any damage or loss during transit.

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